What is Sweat?

For many, sweat is a source of anxiety, embarrassment, and even depression. Sweat is, after all, looked down upon in society-it is seen as a sign of bad hygiene or as a lack of physical fitness. It is believed that sweating should only be condoned at the gym. For such negative associations, however, sweat is a rather simple and benign substance.

Sweat is a fluid made almost entirely of water, along with trace amounts of other bodily compounds such as fats, acids, salts, and sugars. As sweat is released through the pores, and onto the surface of the skin, it evaporates and, therefore, cools down the body. Although sweat itself is a natural product of the body, there are countless negative consequences to sweating including but not limited to: clothing stains, rashes, blistering, bacterial growth, and bad odor. And so people spend their hard-earned dollars searching for answers and, more importantly, solutions to excessive sweat.

PURAX prides itself on knowing what sweat is, why we sweat, and how to safely stop sweat, along with its associated problems. When it comes to perspiration, you can trust that we know what we're doing.