Why do We Sweat

Everyone sweats. We've all been there, those situations of fear or excitement, when the heartbeat increases, blood pressure goes up, and that first drop of sweat runs down your body. But is sweat okay? Contrary to the socially accepted norms, perspiration is actually good for you-necessary, in fact.

Perspiration, more commonly known as sweating, is a natural and vital function of the human body. The purpose of sweating is to regulate the core temperature of the body. During physically and/or mentally stressful situations-exercise on a hot day, an important presentation at work, or a first date-sweat is produced to keep the body cool and stable. That is why it is so important not to stop the entire function of sweating; rather, it is best to control it where you sweat the most. It is safe to prevent sweat at these hotspots, because your body will naturally redistribute the perspiration over a wider region of your body-thereby safely reducing problematic perspiration.

PURAX offers a full line of products that combat sweat directly at the hotspots-the underarms or back, for example-but without stopping the entire mechanism of sweating itself. Just give PURAX a try and experience the difference.