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Do not walk into another meeting or date concerned with our excessive sweating and odor. Free yourself from sweat and the anxiety it entails with the PURAX Roll-On Maximum Strength Antiperspirant


PURAX Antiperspirant Roll On is a proven, unisex treatment that provides complete protection from underarm sweat and odor for up to 7 days. While the roll on is designed for everyone, it is especially effective for those who suffer from excessive perspiration.


Experience up to seven days free from underarm sweat

The specialized formula seals the sweat glands in your underarms which stops sweat dead in its tracks. Before bed, simply swipe your underarms two to three times with the PURAX Roll On, and experience up to a week free from underarm sweat. Once applied, normal washing will not weaken the effectiveness of the PURAX Roll On. The odorless product can, moreover, be safely supplemented with body spray or perfume.


With regular usage, one 50ml bottle of PURAX Roll On can last you up to 12 months!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use the PURAX Roll-On daily?

    While PURAX Roll On is safe for daily use, just one application a week will suffice for the most users.

  • How is the PURAX Roll-On applied?

    To achieve the best results, apply the roll on by swiping the product two to three times on the underarm. Make sure not to apply too much, as only a small amount is needed for maximum effectiveness.

  • When do I apply the PURAX Roll-On?

    The PURAX Roll On is applied at night before going to bed. It is best to apply the roll on at night due to the fact that your body is significantly more relaxed, and can better absorb the antiperspirant formula.

  • Can the PURAX Roll-On cause skin irritation?

    As you begin using the product, the PURAX Roll On may cause temporary skin irritation or burning sensation. The skin irritation is most likely due to too much of the formula being applied on to the underarm-this is especially so since your body is still getting used to the formula. Make sure to apply the product sparingly and use it less often. If the burning sensation or irritation is still there after 24 hours, make sure to stop use of the product and contact your primary care physician.

  • How long does a bottle of PURAX Roll-On last?

    When used in moderation, PURAX Roll On can last you up to 12 months.

  • What if I start sweating quickly before my 7 days are up?

    If you begin to start sweating before the 7 days are up, then you may apply PURAX Roll On again.

  • Do I have to shave my underarms for PURAX Roll-On to work?

    Technically, you do not have to shave your underarms for the PURAX Roll On to work; we encourage you to do so for maximum effectiveness. Hair on the underarm can result in an increased amount of odor.

Customer Reviews

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Yes to Purax!

This is a good product if you sweat heavy, but not like large-man-working-as-a-lumberjack-on-a-humid-Florida-day heavy. I sweat like a nervous teenager and this roll on is perfect for long days at work while wearing sweaters in a building that amps up the heater to level 'tropical rainforest.' They've only sweat through once on me, and that was because I had had too much caffeine and was overly anxious about a big test I had to take. The roll on definitely give me a sense of security and confidence, knowing that I won't have massive circles of sweat under my arms. I've reordered this product because I think it is worth the money and would highly recommend them if you sweat anything like me. And if you do...I apologize. Don't worry, life gets better. :)

Really works!

This roll on really does the job! I never have a problem when I wear it. So glad I was able to find a product that really works.

Bye Icky Pit Stains!

I always had a problem with sweat stains showing through my blouses. I stayed away from wearing light colors unless I was able to layer with a cardigan or some other kind of outerwear. This roll on allows me to wear all of my cute tops without having to worry about covering my underarm area with sweaters or jackets.

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