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A new kind of protection

The only product of its kind, PURAX Pure Pads are self-adhesive pads for the armpit, applied directly on the skin. PURAX Pure Pads protect without hindering your movement at work, in leisure or sports.


PURAX Pure Pads target the root of the problem by absorbing sweat the moment it leaves your pores. With its unique patented shape PURAX Pure pads offer exceptional sweat absorption, remarkable odor control, and the power to be comfortable in your own skin.

How they work

The special shape as well as the skin tested materials of PURAX Pure Pads contribute to a stability of shape by offering easy-on-skin.


Natural absorbent, gentle adhesive

The pads consist of a highly absorbent soft fleece that allows perspiration to pass quickly through to the inside of the pads where they are safely enclosed. In spite of high air circulation and moisture permeability, the pads control the odor and prevent the liquids from escaping the pad.

Easy application and removal

Applied directly to your anderarm in the morning after shower, PURAX Pure Pads’ shape and special adhesive ensure the pads will stay in their place throughout the day without pulling of skin. Freedom of movement is not affected at all.

PURAX Pure Pads and Deodorants

You can use your deodorant in combination with PURAX Pure Pads. Apply your deodorant and let it dry before you apply PURAX Pure Pads. This ensures that the adhesion of the pads is not affected by the deodorant. For best results, use our PURAX Roll-on deodorant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are PURAX Pure Pads different from other Underarm Pads?

    PURAX Pure Pads are the only self-adhesive underarm pad in the world. They have a patented shape that adheres to the underarm with ease, and does not limit the mobility of the user. PURAX Pure Pads have an adhesive that makes them easily applied and removed, yet retain a firm hold while you're wearing them. Other underarm pads adhere directly to your clothing-which can ruin the clothing-and drastically reduce odor protection. Unlike other products, PURAX Pure Pads offer maximum mobility which gives you the freedom to dress, play, and live the way you want.

  • How long can I wear the pads for?

    PURAX Pure Pads are engineered to last you all day. We do, however, recommend that you replace the pads after 8 hours to ensure that the product is working at its maximum capacity.

  • Can I use deodorants in addition to PURAX Pure Pads?

    PURAX Pure Pads are designed to retain bad odor, so deodorants are no longer necessary. However, you can still use a deodorant with PURAX Pure Pads. Just apply the deodorant as you would regularly, and make sure that the deodorant has dried before applying PURAX Pure Pads. We cannot guarantee that PURAX Pure Pads will adhere firmly to the underarm if it is damp or wet.

  • Are the pads reusable?

    The products are disposable, and intended only for one-time use; you wouldn't want to reuse a sweat-filled pad, anyway.

  • Do I have to shave my underarms to use PURAX Pure Pads?

    Yes. Without shaving the underarms, we cannot guarantee that PURAX Pure Pads will adhere firmly to the underarm. Shaving your underarms will also significantly reduce odor, so it's a win-win.

  • Can PURAX Pure Pads be worn while I play sports?

    Of course! PURAX Pure Pads are designed for you to have the freedom you need when it comes to all of your favorite activities. The pads' patented shape and flexibility enables complete mobility. Try not to get too cocky since your shirt won't be drenched with sweat like the rest of the team.

  • What if the pads irritate my underarm?

    PURAX Pure Pads use a special adhesive that greatly reduces any irritation that may occur on the skin. In the rare event that there is skin irritation, it may be that your skin is very sensitive, and in which case the pads must be replaced more often. If, after replacing the pads more frequently, you still have skin irritation, please contact us right away so that we may resolve any and all issues.

  • How can I remove PURAX Pure Pads if I had them on for too long?

    If you have worn PURAX Pure Pads for an extended period of time without replacing them and they are firmly attached to the skin, apply cosmetics remover or massage/baby oil to the edges of the pad. After a few minutes, the pads should be easily removable.

  • What if it doesn't work for me?

    All of our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If they do not work for you, then just send us back the product and we will issue you a refund right away.

Customer Reviews

Based on 549 reviews

People need to under HOW to use this.. these are AHMAZING!!

OK, I've worn these for few weeks now and I agree with some other posters that these HURT to take off. (Litte tip) I experimented with using oil on my underarms first, then body cream, then baby oil. THEN, I discovered baby powder - I use the cornstarch kind. It's brilliant. It makes the pads much less sticky and MUCH easier to remove. It doesn't hurt to take off, and it doesn't leave a mark. It stays on all day. Just a little tip.

Pleasantly surprised by PURAX "Pure Pads"

For most of my life, I've used "traditional" deodorants and antiperspirants which all contain chemicals such as parabens, aluminum, and propylene glycol. After researching these chemicals and others on the internet, I decided that I wanted a more natural and less risky solution to my sweating problem. Purax's "Pure Pads" ended up solving my sweat problem pretty efficiently and without chemicals.

The best part about Purax is their customer service. While I waited for the pads to arrive, I emailed the seller with some of my concerns and I received a response within two minutes. They were very upfront and clear that if I had any issues, to just send the product back for a full refund.

After receiving my first box of pads, I was pleasantly surprised by the shipping speed and build quality. I now order in bulk directly from the supplier. Obviously this is just my experience, but I highly recommend Purax Pure Pads.

I can feel good about wearing light pink

Purax Pure Pads are truly a life saver for me. I wear business casual clothes to work everyday, and for so long when I wore button downs I was limited to Black! With these, I can feel good about wearing light pink, light blue, gray, any color under the sun! And you can't see the pads through these, for how thin they are they last all day long from letting any sweat come through. I have try every antiperspirant under the sun, I still sweat through my clothes and ended up with pit stains. My only single complaint would be the price, only because I wear these quite often! However, I will keep buying them because it is the only option I've had success with.

Finally a product that really works!

I've been looking for something for my teenage daughter who seats and is very embarrassed. I seen and have used the items that you place on your clothing and some sweat still goes around. These pads actually are applied on the skin and my daughter is now not embarrassed anymore loves these and said no seat goes on her clothing. I've already bought another box. She uses these daily while at school and during sports. These are the best! A little pricey but definitely worth every penny as this product actually works. I love having a happy teenage daughter.


I must say that I am very satisfied with this product. The price is just right and the pads actually work. I have over 15 different things at least to help me with my sweating. I have also spent hundreds of dollars on things that do not work. I was a little hesitant to try these pads but I am thankful that I took the risk because they actually WORK! Now I can participate in activities that I once was ashamed to participate in because of my sweat problem.

Great with the PURAX Roll-On

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